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[Health Food] Meal Replacement Shake

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Nature’s most nutritious foods all packed into one convenient pouch. 40 kinds of grains, nuts, veggies, fruits, seeds, seaweeds, and fiber along with 8 essential vitamins, 3 essential minerals, and lactic acid bacteria have been synergistically formulated for the ultimate well balanced meal.

The nutrient-dense super food makes for an ideal meal replacement as well as a delicious healthy diet shake to maintain weight control.



Grain Mix Powder, Chia Seeds with Rye Cookie Powder, Fiber from Chicory & Etc, CLA, Mateh Extract, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Green Tea Seed Extract, Veggie Mix Powder, Fruit Mix Powder, Vitamins(8), Minerals(3)


[Food Type]            : Powdered Mix      

[Quantity & Weight]    : 1 box contains 30 pouch (35g/ea), (net weight 1050g)

[Calories Per Serving]   : 130 calories

[Expiration Date]         : 24 months from manufactured date.

[Usage Instruction]     : Once or twice daily, (in replacement of breakfast/dinner as preferred) pour content into provided shaker and mix with milk(200ml) or water(200ml), shake well before serving.



15 Day Intense Program

2 pouches per day in replacement of breakfast and dinner


30 Day Program

1 pouch per day in replacement of breakfast or dinner



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